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Fantic E-Plus

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Fantic E-Plus

The Fantic E-Plus App is the optimum add-on for Fantic Integra E-Bikes, including Bluetooth add-on adapter.
Tailored specifically to the Brose drive system, the connectivity solution allows a number of additional functions such as navigation to be accessed.

The app functions in overview:

- Search for destinations and plan routes, depending on range and elevation profile
- Navigate offline using previously downloaded maps
- Search for address directly, navigate to map points, view points of interest nearby

Tour Manager
- Create a route plan on the PC (.gpx file) and import it into the app
- Record the current route, save it
- Retrieve recorded routes

- View speed, distance covered, travelling time and cadence
- Topographical data such as elevation gain and route profile
- Analyse speed, cadence and elevation gain using graphs
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