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A local translator
The translator is an application that integrates voice, dialogue, photography, text translation and real time video translation. With Google, Microsoft, Baidu, Baidu, Youdao, Sogou, Tencent, Gennis, CAS and other top laboratories, voice recognition, image recognition technology, and neural network Machine Translation technology help you achieve the fastest and most accurate communication effect when you need cross language communication.
[product introduction]
1. overseas interpreters, currently have 50 million users in 210 countries and regions around the world.
2. foreign translation officers, to provide you with free real-time two-way speech recognition and translation function, let you do not have to learn foreign languages and may go all over the world, take the overseas translation officer, let you more confidently to the outside world.
3. translation officers abroad, support the 34 language translation, to meet your learning translation, job translation, business translation, travel translation, tourism translation, medical translation and other translation needs, get hundreds of thousands of praise.
4. overseas translation officers, in the competition with Google translation, Baidu translation, Tao translation, Sogou translation, Microsoft translation, and signal translation, we have launched real time real time online video translation, allowing you to find top-level interpreters all the time and anywhere to help you efficiently and to solve your deep translation needs. We support Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Minnan, English, Japanese, Korean, and later we will continue to introduce French, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Finnish, Italian, Bulgarian, Czech dialect, Holland dialect, Hebrew, Persian, Malta. The Vietnamese, Urdu, Urdu, polish, Indonesian, Malay, Laos, Burmese, Brunei, Philippines, Korean, Ukraine, Uygur, Kazak, Tibetan, Kampuchea, Swedish, Turkish, Turkish, Malay, Slovakia, Catalan, and so on in more than 100 languages Online translation.
5. foreign translation officers, through the global language translation technology, gathered all over the world information, as well as local hotel reservations, car travel, study consulting, travel reservation and other services, the future will also launch the global local emergency services.
6. the translator is an essential APP that allows you to travel around the world. Thank you for your support. He will accompany you to every corner of the world, whether China, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Malta, Algeria, Israel, Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina. Mexico, the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and even we have users who have brought overseas translators to Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries.
7. translation officer, is helping more businesses do import and export trade, a "The Belt and Road" ship.
8. overseas interpreters are helping parents in more small cities to better guide their children's English courses.
9. the translator is helping many Chinese workers who are striving to build a better world in foreign countries.
10. foreign translation officers are helping more people who love to travel in every corner of the world, looking forward to their wonderful and happy life, which is also the service tenet of the translators.
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