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--Yiou: A service platform for Industry innovation--

Devoted to pushing the integration of new technology and new concept with industry, Yiou is a service platform for industry innovation. It has five products, including, Yiou Intelligence, SEER, Tianchuang, and B2B Database. Since Yiou began to operate in 2014, it has provided a comprehensive learning platform for numerous Internet entrepreneurs, industry innovators, and established partnership with hundreds of well-known enterprises. Until now, Yiou has received four rounds of financing led by Intune Capital, Banyan Capital, and ShengJing capital respectively.

Functional features:

Browse articles: is a content platform which it is focused on new technology and new concept to promote industry innovation, and it has become preferred learning platform, as well as the major followers are executives, site traffic and influence in the industry to stay ahead.

Read report:
Yiou Intelligence pays more attention to study frontier science and technology development trend, as the representative of AI, Big Data, Mobile Internet. It is strive to achieve industrial upgrading research. Based on the deep understanding of technology and industry, the output of influential and professional industry research report will be better to provide targeted enterprise customization research and consulting services.

Watch video:
In response to the upgrade from text to video, SEER, short video brand of Yiou, positions itself as a first short-video exclusive interview for innovators from all fields, and devotes itself to mining and discovering new business leaders from all walks of life.

Attend activity:
Not only online products, Yiou also has great influence on offline events. The activities are brand business which service for business employers, industry co-operating agencies, partner customers to provide services, information exchange opportunities.

Yiou has presented hundreds of offline meetups for sharing and communicating in Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Chengdu, and Fuzhou so far. One of Top three summits are New Commerce Summit, Global Industry Innovation Summit (GIIS) and Yiou Innovators Annual Conference.

Look for business services or settle B2B Database:
B2B database, B2B production of Yiou aiming at assisting industry upgrading, commits to solve problems of customer acquisition and marketing promotion in enterprise-grade domain by wielding content influence, organizing activities, and optimizing information. It aggregates representative industry-upgrading service providers in the field and promotes the service providers’ efficiency to obtain accurate customers.

Contact us:
Cooperation: [email protected]
Join us: [email protected]
Seeking to report: [email protected]
Telephone of the Headquarter: 010-57293241 (Monday - Friday. 9:30-18:30)
Users of Sina Weibo: follow @亿欧网
Users of Wechat: follow “亿欧网” (search i-yiou in Wechat)
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