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Classes lets you organise your university/college lessons to maximise your time for efficient studying.

Add your lessons, whether online or face-to-face, and intuitively organise them by date, type, and more.
Classes supports:
• Lectures
• Tutorials
• Problem Based Learning (PBL)
• Case Based Learning (CBL)
• Labs
• Clinical Skills
• Self Study
• Videos
• Other

Assign an unlimited number of colourful tags to each lesson to effortlessly find them in the future.

Add learning outcomes for each lesson, and keep track which you have written notes on.

The outcome randomiser gives you topics to study, to ensure you do not miss any of your content. Advanced filters let you choose which outcomes to see based on their tag and type.

Document links to other resources, such as lecture slides and related papers, to store additional material to enhance your studying.

Uses iCloud to sync with all of your devices.
Nicholas Baughan