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Citibank has been working for you since 1993. We are among the most reliable Russian banks according to Forbes.
Our mission is to take good care of your money.
Our values include the security of your finances and a commitment to the continuous development and improvement of customer service.

The app will become your faithful financial assistant and save you visits to the bank. Take care of your banking needs online:
- Activate your card and set up your PIN
- Add cards to Apple Pay
- View account statements and transaction confirmation documents
- Keep track of card transactions
- Open foreign currency accounts
- Make transfers using a phone number through Instant Payment Service, card-to-card or account-to-account transfers
- Set up Equal Payment Plans
- Receive personalized offers and discounts
- Turn on Citi Global Wallet
Citi Global Wallet will help you save on conversion fees—your card will recognize the currency and the purchase rate and deduct the amount from the right account.

The security of your account and personal information is our priority. With this in mind, we have enhanced the app with the following features:
- Login with Touch ID/Face ID or password
- Password recovery
- Transaction authentication with Citi Mobile® Token or one-time password

Transfer money using a phone number through Instant Payment Service in an instant.
You can also make:
- Card-to-card transfers
- Account-to-account transfers
- Transfers between own accounts
- Transfers to Citibank customers using a phone number

You can use the app to do the following:
- Set up an Equal Payment Plan
- View your transaction history and the minimum payment amount
- View credit card and loan statements
- Transfer funds to your credit card from your account
- Use Quick Cash
Quick Cash is a good solution for those who need cash to make a purchase. Receive money in your account in just one minute using our Equal Payment Plan.

Pay utility, mobile and broadband bills, taxes, traffic fines, etc., instantly and fee-free. After payment, you can generate and save a confirmation document.

If you have questions:
- email us at [email protected]; or
- call us on +7 (495) 775-75-75 in Moscow, + 7 (812) 336-75-75 in St. Petersburg or 8 (800) 700-38-38 elsewhere in Russia.
Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Citibank