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Citibank AU

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Citibank AU

Enjoy the convenience of banking on the go with the Citi Mobile® App.

For customers with only credit cards:
• Easier access to your statements with our updated dashboard design.
• Log in faster with just your password, fingerprint or Face ID.
• Find account balances, recent transactions and your available credit limit.
• Convert large purchases or card statements into instalment plans or get Citi Quick Cash from your available credit limit. (Citi Quick Cash funds are made available the same day if you have a Citi transaction account. If your account is with another financial institution or you don’t have an account and require a cheque, this will take longer)
• Temporarily lock or unlock your credit card.
• Instantly activate your credit card or reset your Card PIN with a simple tap in the Settings section.
• Paying a bill with your credit card is now much simpler.
• View and download your eStatements for your credit card accounts.
• Stay on top of your transactions and payments with notifications on your mobile.
• Reduce your Citi credit card balance by redeeming your Citi reward Points for statement credits on eligible purchases.
• Access and enjoy your Citi World Privileges directly from your Citi Mobile® App.

For customers with credit card and banking accounts:
• Tap on any credit card on your current overview screen and we’ll take you straight to the new Citi Mobile® experience for credit cards.
• We’re working hard to extend the new experience to our customers with banking accounts.

For customers without credit cards:
• We have redesigned the Citi Mobile® experience for credit card holders only at this time. We’re working hard to extend the new experience to our customers with banking accounts.

We are working to improve your experience, please leave feedback.

From time to time there will be updates made to the Citi Mobile® App which will require you to update your app before you can access it. Please update the app as instructed, otherwise you will not be able to access it.
Citibank Australia