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Breathonics is a music focused mental fitness app designed to show you how to breathe and rest so you can improve your wellbeing. Designed for everyone, we will help you sleep, nap, and breathe your way to a happier life with guided breathing exercises and electronic mediation music from experts. Whether you want to have a good night’s rest, beat insomnia, combat sleep apnea, improve resting heart rate, or find motivation in the morning, Breathonics will teach you the breathing techniques and breathing exercises you need.

Our guided breathing exercises are custom created with some of the world’s leading teachers. Combining electronic meditation music, audio frequency, and specific breathing protocols, Breathonics breathing exercises are unique and can be done in just 5 minutes.

Breathonics also provides sleep sounds to help you unlock the power of napping. Lower your resting heart rate, beat burnout, and get quality rest with evidence-based sleep sounds designed by leading sleep science coaches. Our nap sessions range from 20 minutes to 90 minutes.

Breathonics can monitor your performance during a breathing exercise with live heart rate reading using the Apple Watch. Keep track of your heart health and sleep debt with Apple Health. Let our recommendation engine show you the right breathing exercise or nap session based on your resting heart rate and last night’s sleep. Use your Apple Watch for breathing exercise reminders.

We believe there are three core things you can do to improve mental health and wellbeing; breathwork, napping, and getting the right amount of sleep. We believe in the pyramid, with sleep as the foundation, naps as the middle ground, and breathing as the top. If you can, sleep. If you can’t sleep, nap. And if you can’t nap, take a few breaths.

Features Included:
• Guided breathing exercise - improve your breathing techniques
• Sleep and nap sounds - lifetime free access
• Apple Watch integration
• Live heart rate reading during the exercise
• Apple Health integration
• Resting heart rate tracker for today and last 30 days
• Last night’s sleep monitoring
• Exercise recommendation based on resting heart rate and sleep
• Mindfulness Minutes


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