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Armchair Remote

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Armchair Remote

Armchair Remote is a simple and easy to use remote control for Kodi.

We think it's pretty awesome, but don't just take our word for it. See what some of our users have to say:

"Very impressed with this app. Easy to use due to its intuitive & uncluttered interface. Makes organising & watching films a much simpler experience."

"Great app, clean and simple design with a brilliant watch app thrown in. Not sure pausing my movies from my watch will ever feel any less cool!!"

"Great app. Does exactly what I'd hoped for. Easy to navigate, smooth transitions, great appearance. Definitely recommend."


- Browse and play movies on your iPhone and Apple Watch
- Use your iPhone to Apple Watch to control your TV Shows:
- Choose a show
- Select a season
- Pick and episode
- Quickly see which TV episodes you have already seen
- Control your music library via your iPhone or Apple Watch:
- Choose an Artist
- Pick an Album
- Select a track
- Gesture Pad: Use your iPhone to swipe and tap to navigate Kodi's on screen interface
- Similar arrow / button based version of the 'Gesture Pad' available for the Apple Watch


- Movies
Browse and control your Kodi movie library, from the comfort of your iPhone. Choose a movie and tap to play. With helpful 'now playing' controls, making quick adjustments to the movie position has never been easier, jump back or forward by 30 seconds with the tap of a button - ideal for when someone is talking through an important part of the movie and you need to 'just wind it back a bit'!

- TV Shows
Browse your TV Shows by selecting your favourite show, choose a season, pick an episode and kick back. Once you've finished up watching your episode, get straight onto the next one with all episodes for the current season availably in the 'now playing' screen.

- Music
Browse your music by picking an article, choosing an album and get straight to the track you want, with three now playing options (play now, play next, queue track) control of your music is right at your finger tips.

- Gesture Pad
Built in gesture pad: for when you need to step outside the comfort zone of your media library, adjust some settings with Kodi or get past a language selection menu. Swipe to navigate, tap to select, double tap to go tap, tap and hold for a context menu.

- Apple Watch
If reaching for your iPhone seems like too much effort, take advantage of the Apple Watch app. Browse and play your Movies, TV Shows and Music collection directly from your Apple Watch. Once playing, make adjustments to the position (via plus/minus 30 second buttons), change the volume and play/pause.


A computer running XBMC / Kodi (minimum of version 12, known as Frodo) that is connected to your local network

Wireless access to your local network (typically achieved through the use of a wireless router or wireless access point)
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