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This application is a handbook for the aviation fan which recorded the data about main airport (commerce, military use, common use, heliport) in Japan, traffic control department, airline, airline-affiliated facilities.

***This app supports only data on Japanese domestic airports and related facilities.***

*** Please refer all features and interface of this app to the following URL.

- In this version, this app collect 202 item in total, including 153 places of airports, 5 places of traffic control departments, 25 company of airline, 19 places of aviation relations facilities (museums and park).
- You can check overview of each airport or facility such as address, home page, map, code, runway, etc.
- You can check weather information around each airport or facility including sunrise and sunset time.
- You can check aviation weather information (METAR) with map information (airport only).
- You can check terminal aerodrome forecast (TAF) (airport only).
- You can check departure delays of airport (airport only).
- You can check the station information of the airport (airport only).
- You can check main frequency of essential air band to airport operational.
- This app support the route guides from the place that there is or nearby spot to facilities.
- You can search the spots around airport or facilities including the nearest station, hotel, restaurant.
- You can record the original memorandum about airport or facilities.
- You can share information about airport or facilities or contents of memorandum.
- You can quickly access to airport and facilities of information by bookmark function.
- You can search for airports within around 10Km.
- You can use Apple Watch app.
- You can use 3D Touch Quick Action (Search, Search nearby airport, Add memo, Show bookmark) on Home Screen (iOS9 and above, 3D Touch support models only).
- You can use 3D Touch Peek & Pop on Airport list, Bookmark list, Nearby airport (iOS9 and above, 3D Touch support models only).
- You can use 3D Touch Peek Quick Action (Share, Search by internet, Add bookmark) on Airport list, Bookmark list, Nearby airport (iOS9 and above, 3D Touch support models only).
- You can record memorandum using speech recognition (iOS10 and above).
- You can change to application icon representing IATA code. (iOS 10.3 and above).

* This application can operate in iOS 9.0 or later.
* Data items to need technical knowledge is included in airport weather information (METAR).
* You can check representative frequency with the list of air bands list screen.
* Because this app display flight information (NOTAM) as the original, so technical knowledge is necessary for the understanding of publication contents.
* It is the contents which arranged based on the data which are available to the public, and the data collecting for this application do not have direct relation to facilities.
* Please use the data collecting of this app are privates use or hobby use. For such as damage caused by using this app, it does not take any responsibility.
Tomohiko Shimizu (POOH)